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KENCO Oil Level Controller


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KENCO Oil Level Controller:
he KENCO Oil Level Controllers are designed to control a constant oil level in the crankcase of our reciprocating gas compressors.The KENCO oil controller works in conjunction with an overhead oil supply system which feeds the oil level controller. As the oil is consumed, the oil controller supplies the required amount of oil to maintain a proper level in the crankcase. The oil controller maintains the proper amount of oil in the crankcase by using a float controlled valve.The valve opens and closes as oil is needed in the crankcase to provide a constant oil level.

The oil level switch in the KLCM is an electric switch.The float switch monitors the oil in the crankcase. The level within the crankcase directly corresponds with the oil level in the oil level controller housing.If the oil level in the crankcase drops 3/4" past the centerline, the switch will trip sending an alarm.

Reduces maintenance by maintaining a constant lube oil level,
Protects against lubrication failure,
Controller mechanism fully removable without draining oil,
Easy view convex sight window,
Compressor Lubrication oil self-compensation.