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    CNG Station Solution

    Wherever there is a natural gas pipe,there can be installed a CNG refueling station. We can supply all the equipments used in CNG station.A Turnkey CNG Station Solutions,from start to finish,including Consulting, Design, Construction and Maintenance >>

    Oil&Gas Field Gas Recovery Solution

    Our company is the leader in the capture of natural gas in Oil-gas field in China, with hundreds of successful applications including Oil/Condensate Storage Tank Vent Gas Recovery,Well-head/Casinghead Gas Recovery,Offshore Vent Gas Gathering,etc.Our cusotmers are large scale enterprises and corporations.  >>


    Chemical Process Gas Solution

    Our reciprocating gas compressor are widely used in chemical process gas field for gas collecting,gas recycle,gas filling,load and download and so on.The application varified from laser cutting,steel mills,carbon fiber curing,automotive manufacturing,aviation,etc. >>