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High Pressure Tube


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1.details about CNG high pressure tube
CHG tube: resist high press from outside,no leak on tube, tested by 500kg water press;smooth and tough,advanced technology
2.Main use: widely used in CNG fuel-auto and double fuel-auto, auto-braking system; auto-oil system, fuel system,etc
The high pressure tube is the pipeline of connecting reducer and gas cylinder.Used to connect the steel cylinder, filling port, high pressure solenoid valve, and pressure reducer, there is a rubber pipe on the surface to ensure it safety and durability.
3.Raw materials: low carbon steel tube, seamless steel pipe,
4.Products functions: our materials single/double wall steel tube conform to Country YB/T4164-2007 standards
5.Mechanical functions:
  Good curvature machining property;Highest blasting press;
  Thickness is uniform with PVC;Good binding force      
6.Packing: export standed, box, palstic,etc (according to customers requiremen
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