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Vehicle CNG Cylinder


1.Big diameter 2.Large volume 3.Light weight 4.High safety 5.Low service expenses

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This type of cylinder is composed of steel liner and wrapped layer. 

They are widely used in cars, buses and trucks.

The cylinder adopts advanced equipment and techniques and fully meets the requirements 

of international standard(ISO11439). By applying the techniques of the CNC fiber winding 

and high temperature curing, the product has high quality and best appearance.



1.Big diameter 

2.Large volume 

3.Light weight 

4.High safety 

5.Low service expenses


Water capacity(L)455055606570758090120
Length of cylinder(mm)72579085591598010501110117513051690
External Diameter of Internal Bladder(mm)Φ325
External Diameter(mm)Φ336
StandardISO & GB


Water capacity(L)6570758090100140
Length of cylinder(mm)8559109601015112012301655
External Diameter of Internal Bladder(mm)Φ356
External Diameter(mm)Φ368
StandardISO & GB


Water capacity(L)808590100120210230
Length of cylinder(mm)8358759151000116519352105
External Diameter of Internal Bladder(mm)Φ406
External Diameter(mm)Φ418
StandardISO & GB

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